Resume Tips

We recommend that all candidates irrespective of discipline and background should always emphasize their contribution to the bottom-lines of the companies they worked for. In other words, clearly describe how you improved the company's profit or reduced its expenses. This is true whether you are a VP of Engineering or a janitor. What action did you take or what responsibility did you assume that helped the company financially or publicly?

So many candidates develop resumes that provide a chronological history of their employment record in terms of "done this, done that." It becomes a tedious boring read!

By all means ensure that skill sets' area summarized and are referred to in relevant passages of the resume so that potential employers can "match you" with their open positions. However, to improve your chances of getting an interview it is imperative that the balance of your resume is NOT a mundane list of where you worked previously.

The content of your resume should always lean toward showing how you initiated or started projects and saw them through to completion using skill sets that you know are of interest to the immediate prospective employer. If you can show in qualitative and quantitative terms that your efforts improved the company's bottom line or expenses by certain dollar amounts or percentages, you are almost assured of receiving an invitation to a personal interview.

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